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Local Weather

National Weather Service 5-day forecasts
Local Weather Radar  Animation and wide-area coverage
Local Winds            Wind and weather at one glance



National Hurricane Center Quick and to the point 
The Weather Channel Simple, but good, graphics
Weather Underground  Computer-forecast tracks
Hurricane Bulletins by e-mail From Hurricane Watch Net


What's a storm spotter?

A storm spotter is someone regardless of age that enjoys observing weather systems as they appear and/or pass through their location. In addition, a storm spotter would take courses covering storm behavior, damage potential and means to minimize personal injury in cases of severe storms. Under certain conditions, the National Weather Service may request "on-the-ground" data reports from spotters in a particular area that would be used in preparing forecasts.

Ham radio has played an important role in assisting the NWS forecast specialists prepare their forecasts. Our network of spotters, who are trained in handling radio communication, can deliver details to the forecast center in a professional and rapid manner.

Visit this site* for more information on storm spotting.

Take a look here for another approach describing the storm-spotting program  across the country.

Also, NWS Wakefield, VA, has some interesting information explaining just about everything concerning the Skywarn operation. We are in Area 7 of their system.

A good video can be found here.

And another site covering Home Preparation** Tips for Weather Emergencies is worth while looking at.

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 *Thanks to Liam Graziade for bringing this site to our attention.

** And thanks to Ava Campbell for finding this.