Some Interesting Stuffe 'n' Junque

Through months past we've featured subjects that may not be directly ham-radio related, but nonetheless piqued my interest sufficiently to post them on the club's website. Several of you out there have expressed an interest so I thought I'd keep it up.

--Maybe monthly?


This was the first article we published concerning the annoying racket on 20 meters back in the 80s.

An article in the 18 Mar 2012 Virginian Pilot about TCOM in Elizabeth City kindled a spark to post yet another interesting piece of stuffe 'n' junque. This time it's about "Fat Albert," an iconic sight in the sky off to the north as you drive to Key West.


At the March 2012 meeting, Joe/W4UEB brought in a medium-sized box carefully held in a green cloth bag. Joe tenderly opened the box, revealing a white Styrofoam packing container. What the devil was that in it?


Dave's tower coming down. The first day of the projects produced two sections on the ground as well as three antennas, misc hardware, three 150-ft transmission lines, one power cable, and three guy wires. Not a bad haul for almost six hours aloft!

NASA has an amazing site that features daily images of the earth from space, space from terrestrial telescopes, space vehicles, Mars expeditions, etc. The archive contains a picture a day from 16 June 1995 until today. Essentially all images are spectacular and fully explained by a professional astronomer.Use your browser's BACK arrow to return to the "Index" page. 

What in the world is a K9YA Telegraph? No, it's not some circuits connected together by miles of open copper wire in the desert. It's something you may want to get for yourself.