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The hobby of Amateur Radio is possibly the only hobby that requires a license from the Federal Government, except perhaps for a pilot's license. The ham license, issued by the FCC, authorizes hams to transmit radio signals to other hams over a wide portion of the radio spectrum ranging from below the commercial AM broadcast band to radio frequencies above space-satellite communication. A ham is authorized to use an ever-increasing number of methods of "modulation," or the way information can be carried by the radio signal.

Hams are not necessarily engineers, although some are. Hams are not always technically inclined middle-age males either. We can be found in all walks of life and age doesn't seem to be in the equation. Senator Barry Goldwater was a ham and so was Walter Cronkite.

If you're interested in joining the hobby, you may want to visit this.

 Here, you'll find the mother lode of how-to-be-a-ham information. To contact one of our club members, see below.

There are three levels of licenses. They are, in order of increasing privileges: Technical, General, and Extra. Volunteers from TAARS administer the tests, which are scheduled four times a year in a classroom at the College of the Albemarle (COA) in Elizabeth City, NC. The next exam session date is at the top of this page. 

Because volunteers in TAARS administer the test, they must obtain material in advance for each session. Sorry, no walk-ins. To register in advance to take the test, or get further information on becoming a ham, contact NO4Y

Exam location, what to bring with you, cost, etc., is available at ARRL.


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