WB4FXD - Shack


Here's the shack in June 2015. It shares an 8 x 8 room that also holds the house's technology center and my other hobby; family genealogy.

The main rig is the Icom-765, which has just been released from the hospital and emergency surgery. Next to is a TS-430S that's been with me since the 80's and still chugging along without a hiccup. To the far right is a Drake MN-7 antenna tuner, which came to me from a neighbor in Ft. Lauderdale.

On the monitor is HRD logging software and a DX cluster.

On the upper shelf is a video monitor connected to an Info Tech Code Receiver on the shelf below. It is capable of decoding RTTY, AMTOR, FEC, and CW. Fun to play with and watch the high-speed CW roll across the screen.

The light-green panel is a VHF antenna patch panel to allow me to swap the discone antenna between a TM-261 VHF, a scanner, and a WX radio.

The blue panel is a status monitor for my shop out in the garage. The four indicators monitor the HVAC, lights, and computer out there. The fourth is a spare. On many occasions I'll forget to turn off one or all when I come into the house. A few parts from the junk box saves me $$ on electric bills.



Here's the antenna farm in all its glory! The tower is a Hy-Gain 52SS crankup and the antenna is a Hy-Gain TH5- DX 5-el tribander, turned by a Ham-IV rotator. If you look carefully between the driven and first reflector elements you'll see the top insulator of a 40-meter dipole, which slopes down to a tree in the front yard. And for VHF and up there's a VHF/UHF discone at the very top of the support pipe. Protruding to the left near the top are anemometer cups and vane for a weather station. Thanks, Mike.

A family joke here is "...that's Terry's aluminum overcast in the back yard."