NO4Y - An Overview


Here's the whole station so you get an idea of its layout.

You can see my main computer monitor. On the desk behind the monitor is the PC used for Echolink and the NO4Y weather station. My main computer is not visible.

All the equipment is powered by an Astron RM35 power supply that is located in an equipment closet behind the equipment that also houses phone, DSL, computer networking, and TV distribution.

Operating Position


A close-up of the operating position...

Top Shelf Left to Right
-Icom 746 160 - 2m Transceiver
-AEA Pakratt 232 multimode digital interface (HF/VHF packet, Amtor, Pactor, RTTY modes)
-Above the 232 is a Diamond SX-400 UHF/VHF watt meter

Middle Shelf Left to right
-Ham-2 Rotator controller
-Display for Icom 2800 UHF/VHF FM transceiver (transmitter is remotely mounted)
-Yeasu FT 2800 VHF radio
Bottom Shelf Left to right
-SignalLink USB Digital Controller (sound-card modes: BPSK 31, JT 65HF, RTTY, etc.)
-WB2REB AMI 2 all-mode sound-card interface (Echolink)
-PC electronics ATV transceiver (Amateur Television)
-Just above is a Yeasu 5100 UHF/VHF FM transceiver used for Echolink

The Farm


And now the antenna farm...

Rohn 25G tower about 42 feet high

From the top down
At the top Diamond 300 UHF/VHF omni-directional ant (10- ft. vertical radiator)
Wilson 3 element TriBander (10 15 20 meters) (13' 5" boom)
Full-wave 80m loop fed with 450-ohm ladder line, coax and 4:1 balun (antenna is about 280 ft long)
6m Sloop is side-mounted on tower

On the blind side there is an anemometer for the weather station and a 2m dipole for VHF packet
There is also a UHF/VHF antenna located in my attic for the Echolink transceiver