KB4TOH - Operating Position


This shows the operating position at KB4TOH. On the left monitor is the display from an Oregon Scientific WMR918 weather station and dedicated weather computer on the floor.

The center monitor is connected to the main computer and is displaying data from Mike's "TED", which stands for The Energy Detective. The cool gizmo monitors your electric usage 24/7 so you can see where the $s are going. And you can post the data on the internet if you want to. For more information, go to:

Close Up


Left to right
-A Radio Shack scanner to keep track of all the repeaters at once.
-That's a YAESU 2m/440 HT behind the scanner.
-Next is an ICOM 706 MKllG HF 2m/440 transceiver.
-Then an ICOM 765 HF transceiver with a 2m/444 wattmeter on top.
-Peeking out from behind the 765 are two power supplies; one used for circuit development and the other to power the station.



Not quite as tall as the Ch.2 structure, Mike's tower sports a formidable array.
At the top is a 2M/440 ground-plane antenna.
Just under is a UHF TV antenna (no cable nearby).
An 80-meter dipole is directly below with the feed line hung off the stanchion to the right.
And at the bottom is the weather-station anemometer and solar panel that keeps the anemometer's battery charged.

Backup Power


The ultimate UPS consists of a gel-cell 450-Ah battery bank feeding a 2000w/4000w inverter (blue unit ) on the lower left and a standby 600w inverter on the right.

At the top right is an MPPT15 solar charge controller and metering for the battery bank..

The 2000w inverter powers the ham shack and some other key ckts in the house through an automatic transfer switch. It can provide 1000w for about five hours.

Solar Panels


These are the solar panels that charge the batteries and maintain the proper float charge by virtue of the controller shown above.