K4VRI - Shack


Left Shelf Left to Right
-HF Ten-Tec Omni D
-LDG AT-11MP Ant. Tuner on top of HF
-Signalink on top of Ant. tuner
-35A Astron power supply on right

Far-right bottom shelf
-IC-251A all-mode 2m for SSB

Middle shelf Left to Right
-RF Analyst
-IC-2410H dual-band
-mono-band 10 meter
-20A Astron power supply
-MFJ ant. tuner on Astron

Top Shelf
-Alinco HT
-MFJ HF/144/440 watt and swr meter.

Farm One


On the HF side, here's my 50-foot Rohn 25 tower supporting a home-made dipole hung up as an inverted V. During picture taking, I decided to try a G5RV from KG4ODW Jimmy in Eure, NC. Thanks Jimmie

Farm Two


On the VHF side, is my home-made 40-foot folding mast. On top is a Cushcraft ARX-2B 2m vertical and under it is a 13-element Cushcraft A13B2 15.8-dBi gain beam for 2m sideband. Both are mounted at the top of the mast, which is braced near the peak of the roof along the side of the house.