AK4TW - Operating Position


Left Side, Top to Bottom
-Yaesu 2900 VHF
-Alnico DR-590T VHF/UHF
-Antenna switch below 590T
-The HT is a Yaesu FT-270R
-Station P.S. above blue battery

Right Side
-Kenwood 440SAT HF
-Station computer for logging, QRZ, etc.

The panel with the map hinges down to cover the gear and a door swings shut to hide the P.S.

Tower and Antennas


Here's the shack with the 40-ft tower behind it supporting a Cushcraft Ringo Ranger 2m ARX2B at the top. On the left end of the crossarm is a Shakespeare Super CB big stick for 10m, etc. On the right is a Jetstream JTB3 UHF/VHF.

Not visible is a G5RV whose feed point is on the crossarm.