WA4VTX  -  Elizabeth  City


At one time Elizabeth city had VHF & UHF (146.655 & 444.300) repeaters, seen in the photos below from 2002. At some point the UHF repeater was moved to Hertford but the VHF repeater is still on-air and active. Updated information and photos are soon to come.

WA4VTX  -  Hertford


As mentioned above, the Elizabeth City 444.300 repeater was moved to Hertford to join the 147.330 repeater. And again, the rack photos are no longer accurate, but you get the idea. The Hertford repeaters can, and until further notice normally are, linked together. Along with the capability of linking together, both repeaters can be linked to the KX4NC repeater for operation on the Coastal Emergency Linking Net. See the CERA link at the top of the page for more information on the linking net.

DTMF cheat sheet
3341 - Hertford VHF & UHF link up
3340 - Hertford VHF & UHF link down
331 - Hertford VHF & UHF & KX4NC link up
330 - Hertford VHF & UHF & KX4NC link down